The Products



We make unique and luxurious contemporary furnishings for the modern interior. Quality is paramount for us and DESKUR + DESKUR DESIGN stands behind our stamp and our brand.

A DESKUR + DESKUR DESIGN is one which you cannot easily part with. The pieces we make are crafted in low production quantity as we believe furnishings should be as they once were; Quality, deserving of heirloom status. The thought of our furniture in your family for generations to come, gives us great joy and satisfaction. Owning a unique piece of DESKUR + DESKUR furniture means not walking into a friend's home and seeing the same piece over, time and again. We want your home to be special + unique...a place of refuge and comfort.

You can feel assured that we love originality as much as you do and we are always pushing the limits in what's new, different and interesting. Each piece is stamped, signed, numbered and recorded. These products are always beautifully designed but also exceptionally well made.

DESKUR + DESKUR DESIGN provides an appealing distinct option to the mass production market.

Each piece is made in Canada using Canadian designers, materials + labour.


The Process


Our Incredible 5 STEP "Interactive design process" places you into your very own designer's chair:

1: Let us know the price point you're working with and type of furnishing you're looking to make.

2: Tell us the purpose in using the piece....Let us know your general needs/ and the vision of what you would like to see. Send a photo of the room you'd like to place the furniture in and your general home/room style and colour scheme.

3: We may have a couple of questions for you at this point.....from there we will compile the data and your project will be discussed at our daily design meeting. We will get opinions and ideas from our skilled Interior Designers and Industrial Designers.

4: We then Design and Sketch out 3 different Designs of your Furnishings/Decor and send them for your approval. If you'd like to tweak the design, our Designer will re-sketch the design with changes in place and await your final approval.

5: We get your approval on the final concept and the build begins. We build/forge your new Deskur Designed Piece all by hand in our custom shop and send you photo streams along the way! Your finished product is then ready for shipping.

Its a lot of fun. This interactive process is unique and places our into the designer/architect's seat. The customer is now part of their own unique piece, which in itself is invaluable! This process now becomes an addiction.

(The finalized product is copyrighted by Deskur+Deskur Design )