The Studio


DESKUR + DESKUR DESIGN is a unique studio of avant-garde designers + craftsmen lead by father and son Industrial Designers. They design, refine and produce timeless Iconic furniture and accessories for the modern lifestyle.

You will find character with style in every one of their creations and owning a unique piece of DESKUR + DESKUR designed furniture means not walking into a friend's or neighbor's home and seeing the same piece over, time and again. We want homes to be unique and unparalled, something deeply personal.....a place of refuge and comfort.

The pieces we produce are beautiful functional art, handcrafted in low production quantity. Each production is stamped, signed, numbered and recorded. Furnishings should be as they once were.....quality, deserving of heirloom status.

We are very passionate about architectural salvage and in unique Industrial antiquities and often use these in our productions and Interior Design Projects. We are often found in rickety barns, salvaging antique timber and beams from the early 19th C.


The Team


DESKUR + DESKUR DESIGN Is lead by an unlikely pairing of a Welder and a Paramedic who happen to be father and son with backgrounds in Industrial Design. Their passion for marrying premium materials with inspired design has resulted in timeless heirloom pieces you'd be proud to pass onto your children.

JACK + ADAM DESKUR are father and son respectively, as well as artists, designers and makers of fine contemporary furniture. At the nexus of DESKUR + DESKUR DESIGN is our love for beautiful design. Together, Adam and Jack have a great working relationship and a close bond as Father and Son. They are passionate about the arts & crafts movement, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Industrial Design. Inspiration also comes from American and French art decorative works, mid-century designers and architects, and post modern design.

JACK began welding at age 10 and found his creative niche in crafting stone, metal and other elements into luxury contemporary furniture with an industrial edge.
He found his symbiotic partner in his son ADAM, who brings a fresh and imaginative component to ensure each one of their projects

While DESKUR + DESKUR are mindful of current trends, style is valued over fashion and sustainability over disposability. Each Unique piece is designed and built to ignite the imagination, inspire you and to give you joy and comfort for years to come. Passionate about our environment as well as our craft, DESKUR + DESKUR DESIGN is committed to operating in a manner that protects our eco-system. This is why reclaimed wood/felled local woods and local renewable materials are used wherever possible. The "GREENLEAF" series stems from hundreds of fibreglass telephone poles that would have otherwise been landfill are now enduring pieces that nod to both form + function.

***functional design should be visually exquisite, exciting the senses of touch and sight.